is a Global Community Portal for buying, selling, renting, or leasing properties and land. is a Global Community Portal which enables buyers of properties to find and engage with sellers via agents & private sales. For landlords, the portal also allows prospective tenants and lessors to find rental properties and leased commercial properties. Whether you are looking for a house, unit, townhouse, apartment, farm, or vacant land, provides a unique perspective of the location and community in which you are seeking to live, work or operate a business.

As part of its focus on supporting global communities, offers a FREEMIUM service. Whereby Basic listings are FREE, and Standard and Premium listings are available at a very competitive and value for money rate.

Now offering property listings for agents, private sellers, landlords and property conveyancing service providers from Canberra to New York City, London to Auckland, Singapore to Los Angeles, and Johannesburg to Vancouver.

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Disclaimer. does preference or endorse products or services. connects people with people for the conduct of real estate transactions. The conduct of real estate transactions is a private matter between one or more parties, and do not concern the operations or business of It is the opinion of for those parties conducting real estate transactions should seek a properly qualified property solicitor for conveyancing accredited to facilitate transactions in the jurisdiction where the property resides.

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